Project Title:#CheckMateHate – #CommunityConnect
Summary of the problem:

  • How can we facilitate people to speak out against abuses perpetrated by
    members of their communities?
  • How can we create a resource of personal stories to bridge differences
    and connect people on a human level?
  • How do we engage members of GMB community to increase collaboration
    between them?

Proposed Solution (Identification of specific technology tools or concepts
that have the potential to solve the problem)- Only Technical Tools to be
added- Not Content Info Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Partners engaged in Developing Prototype: Marisa De Silva (Sri Lanka);
Mohammed Khudus (India); Syed Mohammed (India); Natashya (Indonesia);
Ankita Gupta (India); Mahmood Zubair (India); MirudhulaThambiah (Sri Lanka);
Marilyn Thipthorpe (Bangladesh)

Web Link to the prototype developed –
YouTube Link – Click here

Also on
Facebook – Twitter

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